Hold the Vision, Trust the Process

A majority have felt some sort of pull and push during the accomplishment of any goal.  The most infantile doubt will turn you towards another direction. Sort of a snowball effect. Ever think of why it won't happen or the dozens of possibilities of why you can't get it done. That one thought will lead to more thoughts of the same and before you know it you're in a spiral of dread and sadness.  Throughout that time span the only person that had control of what was being thought of was you. 

Scary to think that you hold the keys to your own demise.  On the opposite side of the same coin, those keys hold tales of all your wildest dreams. The thought of how you're going to feel at the end of the road, all the feasible, tangible outcomes. The moment of seeing the first ray of sunshine towards it all. Knowing that it will happen because you're deserving of it.  Take a look around see who else has been bestowed with amazing things, that would allow you to know that it can happen.  

Tons of people will tell you that it takes hard, long, grueling, and painstakingly difficult work. What if I told you if you love it, it will come.  If you have ever meet someone successful, the first words out their mouth when asked about what they do is, "I love my work."  So if you see someone spending day in, day out - 13, 17, 19 hours a day at a task - sleep for 4 hours, quick brush of the teeth, splash water on there face and back out again, that my friend is what you call burning desire - a key element to achievement. Just don't mistake movement for progress.

Step 1: Have a plan/know what you want

Step 2: Believe and feel that it's yours

 Step 3: Say thank you for what you asked for and feel good of its achievement.

Hold your vision, Trust the process.