Julian Voss-Andreae: Sculptor

Hamburg, West German sculptor, Julian Voss-Andreae, based out of Portland, Oregon, started out as a painter, then later changed his sights to physics, mathematics, and philosophy while studying at the Universities of Berlin, Edinburgh, and Vienna. After completing his graduate research in quantum physics, he moved to the United States.  But with the grand move under his belt, his learning wasn't complete.  Filled with tools of sculpture that he obtained from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, he took the art world by storm.


Through his fusion of physics and art, Voss-Andreae began capturing the attention of multiple institutions, galleries, and collectors worldwide, leading to him being commissioned for large-scale outdoor monuments at various universities across the United States. Some of his work includes an exhibition at the American Center for Physics displaying a series of sculptures inspired by concepts from quantum physics.   

Take a look at some of his recent works , Aphrodite and The Reader, in the videos below. You can also see more from Julian as well as a list of his complete body of work at www.julianvossandreae.com


Cover photo by Julianva at en.wikipedia LICENSED BY CC-BY-SA-3.0-migrated